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You have taken the first steps in the application process and have now been invited to take an online test. Here, we will provide you with hints and tips on how to prepare yourself effectively. You will also receive information about the test content and the technical execution of your test.”


Why Should I Take an Online Test?

Online tests help organizations find employees whose skills, talents, and preferences align with the requirements of a particular position. This alignment is simultaneously the key to success and job satisfaction for employees. In the right environment, we unleash our potential, learn daily, and continue to grow.

Online tests measure job-relevant skills, knowledge, and interests. Compared to other methods, such as job interviews, tests are particularly fair: automated evaluation follows the same fixed rules for all applicants, regardless of gender, age, skin color, or religion. Other factors, like gaps in one’s resume, do not affect the test results. All individuals, provided they have the same competencies, have an equal chance of achieving a good result in the online test.

Online tests also offer practical benefits. As an applicant, you can complete the online test from the comfort of your own home at any time. This doesn’t only save travel costs but also allows you to take the test stress-free in your familiar environment. The automated evaluation also saves time and costs. benefits applicants as well because more people have the opportunity to showcase their skills, and the application processes are expedited.

At ITB Consulting, we have been developing online tests for personnel selection and development for nearly 50 years. The choice of which test to use for a specific purpose depends on the requirements of the position for which an employee is being selected. When skills such as concentration, logical reasoning, or reading comprehension are particularly important, applicants complete an aptitude test. Qualities like communication skills, results orientation, or leadership are assessed using personality questionnaires, while specific expertise or language proficiency is evaluated through knowledge tests.

After you have completed all the online tests, the organization to which you have applied will contact you.

The type and timing of feedback you receive will be determined by the organization to which you have applied. Depending on the organization and the test, you may receive a detailed individual feedback report as a download shortly after completing the test. Typically, the organization receives a result report for each applicant.

First and foremost, your data is your data. Neither the organization to which you have applied nor we can use the data for purposes other than your application. Additionally, at any point in the process, you have the option to have your data deleted from the systems. All data is processed in compliance with GDPR regulations on EU servers and transported with encryption. Our Data Protection Officer is available for further information.

It’s entirely natural to feel anxious before participating in an online test. We want you to demonstrate your best abilities during the assessment without being distracted or encountering technical issues. That’s why we provide you with a wealth of information.

Tips for Test Preparation

These are the best conditions to ensure a successful and stress-free test:

1. Be Rested and Fit!

You can typically choose the time to take the test. Do not take the test immediately after work or school. Take a moment to rest or schedule the test on a day when you are free.

Hunger or thirst can be distracting during the test. Ensure that you don’t have a rumbling stomach during the test. Have water available and use the restroom before starting the test. This way, you can fully concentrate on the test.

2. Create a Quiet Environment Without Distractions

In the past, the organization to which you applied would have ensured that you could work undisturbed in a test room. Today, you should create the best conditions for the online test at home:

Coordinate with your family or roommates to find a time when you can work on your online test without disturbance. During the test, a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door can serve as a reminder for everyone else.

Create a focused working environment: Turn off music, close the window if it’s too noisy outside, choose your most comfortable chair, and wear comfortable clothing that won’t pinch or restrict you. A tidy desk can also help you focus on what’s important.

Ideally, turn off your smartphone: Even a short glance at a message can unnecessarily interrupt your concentration. If you expect an urgent message, it’s better to postpone the test. Wenn Sie eine dringende Nachricht erwarten, verschieben Sie lieber die Testbearbeitung.

Allocate enough time for the test to avoid feeling rushed. Consider factors like kindergarten closing times or other appointments after the test.

If possible, disable your doorbell.

Online Test Process

Here, we briefly describe how the online test process works:

How Do I Start the Test?

You will typically receive an email invitation to your online test. Click on the link provided. On your overview page, you will see at least one test tile. You can start an individual online test with each test tile.

Duration of Test

An online test typically lasts between 15 and 120 minutes. More precise details can be found in the invitation.


In most cases, the test consists of multiple sections (modules) in which different skills, knowledge, and/or interests are assessed, depending on the position. You will receive clear instructions on how to proceed at the beginning of each module. Some modules start with one or more sample tasks. Don’t just skim through this part; make sure to read the instructions carefully and calmly. In most cases, you can return to the instructions if something is unclear.

Time Limit

Many online tests have a time limit within which you are expected to complete the tasks. Unlike in school, most test-takers do not finish all tasks within the designated time. This is normal and not a cause for concern. If time is running short, continue to work as quickly and attentively as possible.

What Aids Can I Use?

In most cases, all you need for the test is a computer with an up-to-date browser and a stable internet connection. Additional aids are usually not necessary or prohibited. If you do need additional materials, you will receive a notice before starting the test.

Are Breaks Allowed?

Once you have started a section (module) of an online test, you cannot pause it. Please ensure that you can work through the individual modules without interruption. Longer online tests typically include scheduled break times, which you will be informed about before starting the test.

Technical Tips for Smooth Processing

While nearly all our online tests are also suitable for smartphones and tablets, we recommend taking the test on a PC or laptop.

  • Use an up-to-date browser, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Edge. Older versions of Internet Explorer are not supported.
  • Ensure a stable, continuous internet connection, preferably a direct LAN connection.
  • Test your keyboard and computer mouse or touchpad briefly before starting.

Depending on the test, you may be monitored via webcam during the test. Photos or videos may be taken at random intervals. If photo or video surveillance is used in your test, you will receive additional instructions before starting the test. In any case, these data will also be processed in compliance with GDPR regulations on EU servers.

Sample Tasks

Wondering what tasks to expect in the online test? Here, we provide you with a selection of modules, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the task types in advance. When you complete the “real” test, you will receive detailed instructions for each task.

Tutorial for Using the Test Portal

General Short Test to Assess Analytical Competencies

Analyzing Business Charts

Assessing Educational Maturity

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Analyzing Processes

coming soon

Analyzing Technical Connections

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Technical Support: We Are Here to Help You immediately!

You have been invited to one of our online tests and have questions or encounter issues during the test? We are here to assist you promptly, typically on the next business day! Please send us an email at with the following information:

  • Which organization did you apply to? (If you are unsure, please forward us your invitation link.)
  • What is the issue? Feel free to send us a screenshot as well! (To create one, press Ctrl+Print on your keyboard, and then Ctrl+V to paste)

Connectivity Issues

Your responses are continuously saved in a database. If your internet connection is interrupted during the test, nothing is lost. Once you are reconnected, please click the invitation link again to resume your work. If that doesn’t work, please send us an email at Be sure to specify the organization for which you are taking the test. Please indicate for which organization you are taking the test.