Leadership training

You can learn to lead!

The training modules for leaders

Junior manager or experienced manager: leadership is a complex task and the challenges are constantly changing. Developing one’s own leadership style therefore remains important for all those who want to lead effectively in dynamic times. We offer manageable modules of two to four hours in length for many important leadership topics and leadership tasks, from which we compile a suitable programme for your target group.

Leadership personality

  • Role perception and leadership personality
  • One’s own value system
  • Self-image and image of others
  • Self-management and dealing with complexity

Leadership styles and leadership tools

  • Constructive leadership styles
  • Effective delegation
  • Motivating and inspiring
  • Motivating and inspiring
  • Potential assessment and diagnostics
  • Personnel development for managers


  • Principles of good communication
  • Benefit argumentation
  • Using media and communication formats effectively
  • Conflict management
  • Leading challenging conversations

With many practical elements, a high degree of self-reflection and exchange among the participants, we ensure the transfer to everyday life as well as the entertainment value of the training. There is only as much theory input as is necessary for understanding important principles.

Leadership in times of crisis

The online training programme with the most important leadership basics for challenging times and extreme situations

Now more than ever, leaders need to provide orientation and security. Especially when everything is unpredictable, leaders should be able to pause, take a step back and assess the current situation with some detachment .

Our online training “Leadership in times of crisis” offers focused impulses and practice opportunities for the most important facets of leadership in uncertain times:

  • Clear, unambiguous communication in all directions.
  • Successful virtual leadership of teams that are not used to it
  • Clear briefings for quick, to-the-point action
  • Appreciative feedback to motivate staff and colleagues in tense situations
  • Anticipation of fears and concerns and prevention of rumours

In three interactive online modules, we provide you with ideas, techniques, insights and the opportunity to exchange ideas with other managers: short and crisp – to the point!